Aluminium Formwork System

Aluminium formwork system for entire building reduces construction time and cost.
Smooth surface finish is obtained which eliminates plastering entirely.
Provisions for door, window opening, plumbing lines, electrical conduits, sunken slabs,
sunshade projections, window boxout projections etc. can be provided with Aluminium formwork system.

Advantages of Aluminum Forming System
▪ High quality finish
▪ Panels can be reused over 200 times
▪ Environmental Protection.
▪ Low using cost.
▪ Low waste  
▪ Saving labor & Easy installation.
▪ Fast speed of construction.
▪ Light weight, easy to handle
▪ High stability and load bearing capacity.
▪ Safety & convenience.
▪ Recovery of high value.
▪ Precision design & compact joint

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