Механические процессы

By means of paths which are innovated and improved in each era ad modern and developed machinery with technological hardware; studies for sensitive and high quality product range are designed in order to produce and meet the customer needs in a short time and with a low cost in sensitive and high quality manner.

In Our Mechanical Process Production Plant;

• 3D modeling of demands for machining,

• Cutting and oblique cutting processes (Double head and Single head Cutting Machines)

• Drilling, Angle drilling, countersinking and milling processes (3, 4 and 5-axes CNC Processing Centers)

• Drilling and Tapping Processes (3 and 5-axes CNC Tapping Center Processing Centers)

• Drilling, bending, and discharge processes (Eccentric Presses with 25 and 60 tones of capacity) with punch processes

• Trimming processes with vibration (Surface corrosion, washing and drying machines)

• Universal multi-drilling and multi-punching benches/tables)

• Assembly and disassembly and combination Works (Rivet stock, Welding, Screw and Gumming)





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